OXN StorefrontMEMShop creates partnerships to activate vacant and underused storefronts to help build local businesses. Born from the idea that retail plays a vital role in revitalizing neighborhoods, MEMShop helps build local businesses and increase a community’s visibility and vibrancy.

We recruit startup and existing businesses to the program that want to test a new concept, test a new product, or test a new location. We provide one-on-one business managerial training and other support services at your MEMShop location to help sustain and grow your business.

Maker's Homemade Butter CookiesThis is an important part of the Memphis Heritage Trail concept because of the focus on economic development and job opportunities.

MEMShop is a 12 month place-based program managed by nonprofit Communities Unlimited, Inc. to learn more about MemShop visit www.Memshop.org