A curriculum featuring Memphis’ rich African-American history is available for schools. It was designed by Memphis Heritage Trail volunteer and Kirby High School history teacher Lauren Barksdale.The curriculum, for grades K-12, is broken into four units based on aspects of Memphis heritage and creative devices such as writing, art, graphic design and music. It focuses on figures and events in Memphis history such as Robert Church and the Church legacy, the all-black military units who fought during the Civil War (Fort Pickering) and the history of Beale Street. If you or your school is interested in introducing the curriculum, please contact Felicia Harris.

The Memphis Heritage Trail Summer Teacher Institute

POSTED 9:29 AM, MARCH 8, 2019, BY ADMIN The Memphis Heritage Trail Summer Teacher Institute provides 6-12 educators with the opportunity to engage in intensive study and discussion of important topics and issues relative to the African-American experience in Memphis....

The Memphis Heritage Trail

The Memphis Heritage Trail

POSTED 5:32 PM, JUNE 30, 2017, BY MIKE SURIANI, UPDATED AT 05:35PM, JUNE 30, 2017 MEMPHIS-As we look toward the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., News Channel 3 will be sharing fifty stories of how his legacy is still very much...