If blight has an upside in Memphis, it is the gorgeous original architecture it sometimes leaves behind. MHT is giving existing buildings and spaces a facelift that maintains the glory of what came before while making them useful for the future.

CLICK HERE to learn more about one of our most recent redevelopment projects, Historic Melrose.


In our history, we can find ourselves and a path for our future. By infusing public spaces and buildings with an honored celebration of past achievements, we can inspire a new generation. The Memphis NAACP sits in the heart of South City. Facade improvements were funded by the City’s Choice Neighborhood grant.

CLICK HERE to learn more about NAACP Memphis.


Some of the most important buildings in Memphis history sit vacant and rusty right next door to some of our popular destinations. With MHT, we can make every block sparkle.

The Historic Clayborn Temple has a new purpose. CLICK HERE to learn more about how they are rebuilding a legacy.